Budding gourmets

For all those parents who have seen the total delight in their children's eyes when they are free to cook themselves something this ones for you. The latest addition to Mooi's shelves is the brainchild of Nicole Long. It is a very well illustrated cook book for little ones. The delightful characters and delicious recipes are a must for any kitchen. Retailing at R95 it's a steal. Available in store or off the blog.


A BIG thank you

We love you.....

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Nadia from Cupcake Couture for her creative input and inspiring words and belief in Mooi. We love our new look of the blog...we hope to make her proud as we continue the bloggin by ourselves!


Tip Top Typewriter

This typewriter is in such a great condition...it even has its manual.  Pop into store and come and visit us...this darling machine is looking for a happy home.


We're working on it...

Hello Mooi Readers, Shoppers & Followers
Just to let you know we are working on our blog to make it look even more pleasing and pretty.  Keep an eye out for what's in store and more posts telling you about what we are up to!