House and Garden show catch up

Yes, its been ages....just as the dust is settling after the House and Garden show, now I'm off to set up the new shop today.  Yip, you heard right. I'm moving back to Earthmother Organics (106 Bulwer Road Glenwood) luckily not a big move, as its only two doors away from where I am now, but a better, more social environment for me.  Where you just whistle and they bring you a steaming, hot, fresh cappuccino.  Yeah! just what the doctor ordered. 

Below are pic from House and Garden Show.  Which is always so much fun.....enjoy!

The mushrooms were such a hit

Magic Dress by Josephine, wraps into 7 different styles

Above is Deco Collections new additions to the family.  The little scotty dog and Fifi the poodle.

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