wall PAPER

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I want this one
and this one

I can't speak right now......its just drool....

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Its that time again

Surprise!  Due to the Cyclone conditions at the beginning of March,  they had to move the Wonder Market to
the Middle of the month.  Its like a bonus prize.  So don't miss out!!

 When the world gives you lemons....make lemonade, and that's exactly what she'll do.   Look out for Fi at her new lemonade stand. 


Eb and Am you beauty

Cindy Armstrong, is the brains and beauty behind the label Eb and Am.   Did you know, Cindy won the Mr Price new designer award, last year.  Yip, Cindy was selected as part of 8 to present their range for the 031 collection.  And won!  Now she stocks Mooi and we love her!  Not only is she extremely talented, she is also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

I mean seriously....look how pretty.