Room to Grow

My daughter Lyla turned eleven in April............hold on...........arrrrrrrrggghh!  Just had to get that out the way.  Everything about her is changing.  She has out grown me! (I know not that hard!) She now wears a bigger shoe size than me, so no more sharing shoes.  She is also developing her own sense of style and with that wants her own room.  A space to call her own, to creatively express herself, and to get away from her six year old sister! We've been gathering some inspiration from pinterest for a little direction.

I love this! its so nice to see all your books out, especially if they have pretty covers.  Lyla loves to read (thanks Waldorf school)  it would be lovely to have a cozy chair to sit in and read stories.

next up.....

This is Lyla's favourite, as she wants a purple room.  This looks really neat, tidy and organised.  All three qualities we unfortunately don't have in this family.  But, this would be amazing and a real space saver.

This is probably a bit young for her, but how's the swing in the room?

Love the yellow bed! and all the pretty different shaped frames. 

Ok, that's all folks......I'm off to the shop now.  A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.  Holy moly its the 1st of June.

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